Podcasts, Blogs & Op-eds

Podcasts and Recorded Talks

Keynote at the Pune Public Policy Festival on “Reflexivism: Reducing the Distance Between Citizens and Policy”, February 2024

Ideas of India – conversation with Shruti Rajgopalan of the Mercatus Center about decentralization and deliberation in India, and – more generally – about my life and work, November 2020

Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania: Interview with Gautam Nair about Oral Democracy, October 2019

Book Discussion at the Bangalore International Center, May 2019

Thale Harate Podcast in Kannada: On Oral Democracy and other subjects, May 2019

Real Democracy Now:  Interview about my research on deliberation in Indian village meetings, January 2018

SynTalk:   The Implications of Poverty, discussion with Vikram Patel (Harvard) and Anup Surendranath (National Law School, Delhi), February 2018

In the Field, India:   Innovations in Participation – Featuring our work on P-Tracking., February, 2018

The Familiar Strange:  Interview about Anthropology, Economics and Development, May 2018 (recorded in December 2017)

Reposted by Anthropod: Podcast of the Society for Cultural Anthropology.


Blogs and Op-eds

Qualitative Analysis with Representative Samples (with Julian Ashwin) [Development Impact Blog], April 2023

When and Where is Community-Driven Development (CDD)  Effective? (with Marcus Holmlund) [Development Impact Blog], October 2021

Oral Democracy,  World Bank. Let’s Talk Development Blog, January 10, 2019

Are Impact Evaluations Enough? The Social Observatory Approach to Doing by Learning,” World Bank, Development Impact Blog, June 16, 2014

Learning by Doing,” Indian Express, November 19, 2013

How Can Participatory Development Be Improved,” Devex, March 11, 2013

Localizing Development: Our Journey,” World Bank Chief Economist Blog, November 2012

The Past as a Foreign Country: Taking History Historians and History Seriously in Development,” World Bank Chief Economist Blog, March, 2012

With Foreign Aid Failure is Essential to Learning, Toronto Globe and Mail, January 23rd, 2012

Deliberation and Poverty: Lessons from the Indian Experience,” Spotlight on Poverty , September 6, 2011